Results we've achieved for SaaS companies like yours

Bootstrapped video animation B2B/B2C SaaS adds $561,000 in Sales within ~4 months

Growth Channels: Facebook, YouTube, Google PPC

  • Ad budget increased: ~10x
  • QoQ Sales Growth: ~790%
  • Customers include: Sony, Tesla, Vodafone, Starbucks & PepsiCo
  • These numbers don’t account for LTV and MRR

B2C SaaS decreased CaC by ~12% within 2 months

Growth Channels: Facebook

  • The results were achieved by rapid creative iteration, leveraging influencer content and testing different funnels
  • Average ROI: 3.5x (not accounting for LTV coming from subscriptions)

15 meetings booked in 30 days of the first campaign launch for a finance product

Growth Channels: Cold email

  • 10,000 accounts contacted
  • 15 meetings booked
  • 20+ positive replies
  • 2.9% reply rate

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