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Stop wasting time trying to navigate Facebook ads on your own or paying agencies that overpromise and underdeliver. Focus on your product and let us take care of your business growth with effective Facebook ad campaigns, making you the hero of your success story

Get a Free Audit

How the Free Audit Works:

1. Submit your information

Fill out the form with your information. And we'll get back to you within 1-3 business days depending on volume of requests

2. Zoom call to provide access/info

We'll then schedule a zoom call to gain access. If you prefer to not have a call, we'll send you a form to fill out and a guide of how to sort the access.

3. Get actionable audit within 72 hours

Then we do a 5 to 8 hours complete analysis of your Facebook ad account and business.

4. Audit presentation, Q&A

Once the audit is done, we meet via Zoom to go over it. You can hire us if you like the audit.

Reduced ad spend by 50%

Our team cut ad spend by 50% while producing 75% more leads

Increased Sales by 266%

3 simple ad account changes increased sales by 266% week-over-week.

Increased User Growth by 700% in 3 months.

Consolidated Facebook Ad campaigns, focused on scaling winners

Up to 1035%

Revenue Growth


LTV/CAC increase

Our Advertising Strategy

Research & Positioning

We carefully research your market to identify their goals and pain points, positioning you as the best solution available.

Optimize. Test. Iterate

Bring the right attention to your product in a way that translates into sales or qualified leads.

Scale the winners

We eliminate excess spending, strengthen your ad account, and focus on testing new creatives while maintaining account stability.


Your Growth Amplified

We turn Facebook ads into your growth engine. The only thing you have to worry about is delivering to your customers and increasing your LTV.

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Growth Results Through Facebook Ads Agency Adsora

Bootstrapped video animation B2B/B2C SaaS adds $561,000 in sales within ~4 months

Ad budget increased: 1000%
QoQ Sales Growth: 790%
Customers include: Sony, Tesla, Vodafone, Starbucks & PepsiCo

These numbers don’t account for LTV and MRR

400% growth, 50% lower CAC, 3.7x ROAS

How we got there:

1. Consolidated ad account.

2. Focused on the champion ad & targeting.

3. Tested >30 creative concepts

Play Video
Play Video

100x in sales & profits at a consistent CAC payback in 6 months

This brand got an average of 3X average return on investment over the 9 months of working with us.

How we got there:

1. Tested >230 different creatives.

2. Tested >30 different ad concepts & messages

B2C SaaS decreased CaC by ~12% within 2 months

The results were achieved by rapid creative iteration, leveraging influencer content and testing different funnels

Average ROI: 3.5x (not accounting for LTV coming from subscriptions)

3.57x Return on Ad spend

This brand got an average of 3X average return on investment over the 9 months of working with us.

How we got there:

1. Tested 5 different messages.

2. Tested ~250 creatives & copy.

44% Increase in Sales

After a few downtrending months, this company hired us to revamp their advertising. 

We tested over 50 different creatives until we found a winning one and scaled it with massive profits.

As a result, they experienced their best quarter ever, with a 44% increase in total revenue.

20% increase in sales at higher profit

This luxury beauty brand was barely breaking even on Facebook ads before working with us. 

After testing a significant number of creatives (over 70), we were able to find a winning ad that consistently generates over 2.5x ROAS/

49% Increase in sales & profits

This high AOV tech ecommerce brand had struggled to scale.

By testing multiple offers and scaling a few core ones, we were able to increase their sales by 49% at an acceptable CAC 

5-10x ROAS at increased ad spend

Over six months, we conducted more than 150 creative tests and over 30 product tests.

This reduced customer acquisition costs and led to a 5-10x ROAS with Meta ads. 

We divide our proprietary framework into 3 pillars that drive sales or sales-qualified conversations for your business.

We blend H.I. (Human Intelligence) with A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) to deliver results like you’ve never seen before. Pixels, algorithms, personalization, and much more. We have deep domain expertise in it all and we know exactly how they can work for your business.

We deeply understand behavioral science and what makes people take our desired actions. This understanding is woven into every single facebook ad campaign that we execute for you.

A Facebook Ad Account is All You Need

If you’re still running 10 different campaigns and not getting enough conversions per week to feed the algorithm, you may want to rethink who to trust with your Facebook Ads. 

Most people don’t realize their account was set up incorrectly, and it’s costing them $$$.

Post-audit, try testing your campaigns again. 

Now that you know the proper settings and budget for your target market, you can re-invest in ads with confidence. 

That’s smart spending at work.


After working with Adsora for one month, we've generated 15 qualified leads and closed 2 of them already. I am confident we will now have a steady pipeline and steady revenue. Andrew and his team really got to know our business and our ICP. If you want to grow your MRR, I recommend Andrew and Adsora

David Grey Founder OmniXRM /Core Team Partners

Our sales increased by 266% with the same budget just a WEEK after we started working with Andrew & Adsora. They are the experts at creating Facebook campaigns

Paige Knievel CMO at Evel Knievel Brand

Andrew and his team always go over and above to deliver quality services. Great job!

Don Campbell CEO at DJC Marketing

Here’s Everything You Get When You Start Working With Adsora Today:

Facebook ads set up & ongoing-management completely done-for-you.

Industry and market research. 

Advertising strategy done by our CMO.

Bi-weekly updates & data tracking.

Ad images and videos created for you.

Ad copy and ad scripts written for you.

UGC videos from best content creators done for you.

Monthly 1-1 meetings with you or your team.

Pixel and tracking set-up for you.

Bonus: A complete landing page CRO audit by leading CRO experts.

There’s Absolutely Nothing to Lose With an Audit

We’ve met with businesses whose faulty creative strategy, ads settings, account structures or advertising process cost them thousands of dollars of expensive ad impressions that never translated into revenue. At this point, they usually assume Facebook Ads is wasteful and ineffective.

A well-executed audit can stop wasteful spending and get you on the path to more quality conversions.

Facebook Ads Service FAQ

Our typical engagement with a new client is a retainer-based contract with a minimum of a 3-month agreement. That timeframe allows us to test, learn, optimize, and begin to scale. By the end of our initial engagement we’ll know the following – Do we work well together? Are we achieving our primary objectives? What do we need to accomplish next to rapidly accelerate growth?

We typically charge a monthly retainer that varies depending on how many ad channels, campaigns, and other services (blogging, email marketing, etc.) we are managing. Total monthly ad spend is factored into this equation as well. There is usually a one-time Plan Integration Fee that varies depending on how much initial work needs to be done to launch campaigns (landing page design, copywriting, attribution, etc.).

Absolutely! We love collaborating with internal marketing teams (and other agencies, for that matter). Our objective is to be as close to an extension of your team as possible, so it’s usually a natural fit.

Our preferred method of communication is to set up a shared Slack channel for regular back-and-forth to discuss campaigns, ideas, etc. on an ad hoc basis (we’re also totally fine with using  email as well). In addition to Slack/email, we typically set up a weekly or bi-weekly call to review current marketing efforts and strategize on new ideas.

Of course! Send an email to and we’ll send you the contact info of several of our clients who would be happy to share their experience working with us with you. You can also check out our results page to see some of our most impressive wins.

Yes! We love to run POC campaigns with clients who are a) early stage and need help experimenting with campaign ideas quickly or b) want to “dip their toe” into an agency relationship before committing to a more concrete engagement.

In some cases, we can see results immediately after launching campaigns. Other times, we need to learn and iterate before we achieve our primary marketing goals. Our average client sees a significant ROI on their paid campaigns within 2-3 months.

Of course! We regularly handle the design and development of creative assets for our clients. We commonly design UGCs, ad creatives, graphics for websites and landing pages, PDF’s for sales collateral, etc.

You get a weekly or bi-weekly report on performance. And we usually spend some time during weekly/bi-weekly touchpoints digging into campaigns as a group to discuss insights, trends, etc.

This all depends on your market, competition, advertising channel(s) and several other factors. With that being said, we will always advise you to spend the right amount of money on your campaigns. If we feel that your budget will be ineffective, we’ll be the first to tell you even if it means that delays you hiring us.


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