How We Achieved 400% Growth, 50% Lower CAC, and 3.7x ROAS For This E-commerce Brand

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The problem:

This e-commerce brand struggled to make profits on their ads. They were making sales but couldn’t make enough profit for the business to exist.

They were burnt by agencies 4 times previously and were super reluctant to do it again.

But because we were referred to them by their trusted friend, they decided to work with us.

How we achieved the results:

The first thing we did was account consolidation. We focused on one campaign and put all the budget into creating and launching winning ads for them. We’ve used our proven in-house creative system and marketing experience to create over 30 different creatives.

We found about 3 winning creatives and simply scaled them.

After 2 months of working together, we were able to DOUBLE their PROFITS from the year before, with less ad spend!

We dedicated over 5 years and millions of dollars to decoding human psychology on a level no other agency does.

This knowledge, combined with in-depth Facebook ads platform knowledge, allows us to get high-quality subscribers at the lowest cost. And now, we want to share what we’ve learned with you so you too can accelerate your profitable growth by 20% to 30% just like our partners have been.