How We Lowered the CPA by Over 30% and Increased New Subscriber Volume by ~50% Using Facebook Ads for Our Newsletter Client

Background: Our client, a niche newsletter aiming to expand its subscriber base, approached us to improve their Facebook Ads campaigns. They wanted to decrease their Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) while simultaneously boosting the volume of new quality subscribers.


1. High CPA: The initial CPA was prohibitively high, making it challenging to scale subscriber acquisition profitably.

2. Creative Fatigue: Limited creative variations led to ad fatigue among the target audience, resulting in reduced engagement and higher costs.

Strategy: Recognizing the need for a strategic overhaul, we devised a multifaceted approach:

1. Custom Audience Segmentation: We segmented the audience based on interests, demographics, and engagement levels with the client’s content. This allowed us to tailor ad messaging more effectively.

2. Diverse Creative Scaling: Instead of relying on a few static ad creatives, we developed a range of ad formats including carousel ads and video ads. Each creative set highlighted different aspects of the newsletter’s unique content and benefits.

3. Continuous Testing and Optimization: We tested various combinations of ad creatives, headlines, and ad copy variations. This iterative testing approach enabled us to identify high-performing ad elements quickly.


● Copy & Paste Initial Phase: We started by analyzing existing data to identify underperforming segments and opportunities for improvement.

● Creative Development:
Our creative team developed a suite of new creatives, emphasizing compelling visuals and clear, actionable messaging.

● Testing and Refinement: Through rigorous testing, we identified top-performing ad variations and allocated more budget towards these winners.

Scaling Success: As performance metrics improved, we gradually scaled the campaign while maintaining a focus on maintaining or improving CPA and subscriber growth.


CPA Reduction: Within the first three months, we successfully reduced the CPA by over 30%, achieving a more cost-effective acquisition model. 

Subscriber Growth:The enhanced ad strategy led to a 50% increase in new subscriber volume, exceeding client expectations and demonstrating the effectiveness of our approach

We dedicated over 5 years and millions of dollars to decoding human psychology on a level no other agency does.

This knowledge, combined with in-depth Facebook ads platform knowledge, allows us to get high-quality subscribers at the lowest cost. And now, we want to share what we’ve learned with you so you too can accelerate your profitable growth by 20% to 30% just like our partners have been.