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Get A Complete Newsletter Facebook Ads Video Course + Fill-In-Blank Templates, UGC Guide + 14 Additional Growth Methods

Andy Austin here… 
And I wanted to congratulate you on making the right decision to grow your newsletter!
Many of those who bought the Automatic Subscribers guide loved it and were able to achieve amazing growth results.

It is short enough to be readable and long enough to give a lot of context on how everything works to be easy to set up and do the same.

But yet I had quite a few people email me asking for “more”.

And by “more”…I mean that they just wanted to have a detailed step-by-step video course.

Details that I couldn’t put in the initial text guide.

Not because I didn’t want to, but because it was not practical.

So to help more people growth their newsletters faster, I created a completely new newsletter. And then I recorded every step of growing it with Facebook ads from 0 to 100 subscribers.

I put into a step-by-step video course with 13 short easy-to-follow videos.

I already added this course into your order. So if you want to grow your newsletter faster and have a video course walking you through every step…

The only thing that’s left for you to do is to confirm your upgrade.

Because once you confirm your upgrade, you’ll have the ability that less than 1% of newsletter operators will ever have:

But that's not all

Because I’ll also give you winning fill-in-blank templates to instantly create your ads, including:

So now you have two choices.

You can either do the hard work and spend days figuring it out on your own…

…Or you can click the button below to confirm your upgrade…

Get the course with all the bonuses for just $197… 

Follow the videos, scale your newsletter to additional thousands of subscribers per month on autopilot much faster than you would ever be able to…

The decision is easy.

There’s a 30-day guarantee.

So there’s no excuse for you to ignore this.

You were smart enough to order Automatic Subscribers guide…

Are you smart enough save yourself extra days of extra work and accelerate your newsletter growth? 

I’ll see you on the inside.

Option 1: Do-It-Yourself With The Course

You'll get a complete video course and fill-in-blanks templates, so you can launch your Facebook ads faster and start getting results immediately.

Option 2: Get a Course + 60-Minute Implementation Call

You'll get everything in the option 1 Plus a 60-minute call where I'll help you dial in your messaging, your ads and answer any questions you have to make sure you get a result you want.

You can schedule a call for 30 days out from the time you'll get this.
This is a limited time option and limited based on my availability.
It's typically $600/hr but today you'll get it for half the price when you select this option together with the course.

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