How we grew a marketing newsletter to 9k profitably - using Facebook ads

This newsletter was launched in November 2023. It made $0 for the first 2 months while the founder was experimenting with organic growth. We tried posting on socials, cold DMing people, and trying to crack SEO…

But it all was slow and required a lot of constant manual work.We were afraid to run ads for additional growth because we didn’t think the subscribers would be high-quality and we wouldn’t get a positive ROI.So, after tweaking monetization and improving newsletter revenue, we started running Facebook ads to get more subs.
Slowly we were able to get the cost down to about $1.6 per newsletter subscriber from $5/sub when we started.Here’s just one of the Facebook ad campaigns over the last few months. (Only US traffic)
And that’s when their newsletter exploded with over 200% month-over-month growth.

We are monetizing the newsletter mainly using co-registrations and ad placements but slowly adding services as well as digital products.
Currently, we are spending about $100-300/day on Facebook Ads.

These are some of their most successful Facebook Ad creatives:

POV: What will the future look like when you read this newsletter?
This newsletter is run by Andy, founder of Adsora. They help other newsletters grow with Facebook ads.He shared with us that they’ve expanded and are accepting 2-to 3 more newsletters this month to help them grow. You can check the case studies and chat with them here:

This is his X and Linkedin, where he shares Facebook ads and other marketing tips.

We dedicated over 5 years and millions of dollars to decoding human psychology on a level no other agency does.

This knowledge, combined with in-depth Facebook ads platform knowledge, allows us to get high-quality subscribers at the lowest cost. And now, we want to share what we’ve learned with you so you too can accelerate your profitable growth by 20% to 30% just like our partners have been.