How to Reduce Cost Per Subscriber For Your Newsletter by 10%-45% in 30 Days While Getting More Higher CTR/OPR Subscribers

Our proprietary Facebook Ads strategy consistently gets quality subscribers at $0.5-$3 CPA who click on your newsletter ads and buy products

Case Studies

How We Lowered the CPA by Over 30% and Increased New Subscriber Volume by ~50% Using Facebook Ads for Our Newsletter Client

How we grew a marketing newsletter to 9k profitably using Facebook ads

How we scaled this newsletter from 1k to 18k subscribers in just 3 months profitably

How we delivered explosive growth for this newsletter using Facebook ads + Adsora team

Unlock Your Growth Audit (worth $1,000)

These Real-World Facebook Ad Results Could Be Yours

Other agencies:
– Promise the world relying on tired strategies that don’t work.

– Guessing by split testing every single thing because they don’t know how marketing works.
– F
ocus on metrics that don’t matter and do a lot of “busy” work that actually hurts your account to show some “progress”.

– Focus on sheer volume, ignoring the fact that subscribers that you can’t monetize are worthless…

You’re left wondering if there’s even a way to build a thriving, profitable newsletter…

I know all of this because:

– We outcompeted the biggest newsletter agencies in the world…

– Our team is newsletter-obsessed. We operate our own 7-figure newsletters and know the game from the inside and out…

Here’s Adsora’s approach:

✔️ Over the last 5 years, we’ve developed and refined Facebook ads growth systems proven to grow newsletters with subscribers you want.

✔️ We know exactly what newsletter ads don’t work and what ads do work.

✔️ We understand human psychology, marketing and copywriting on a deepest level which gives us an edge over everyone else to get you subscribers eager to read and engage with your content, while also driving down your acquisition costs.

So what if you could get high-value subscribers at a fraction of what you’re spending now, leading to a highly profitable, growing newsletter.


Today you either can say “no” and waste thousands of dollars on stuff that doesn’t work…

Or just say “maybe”. Get on a call with us, so we can review your stuff, and give you clarity of how you can grow your newsletter to where you want it to be.


The choice is yours.

Now it’s your chance to unlock a growth audit and make it all happen for your newsletter

Here’s How the Growth Audit Works

1. Submit your information

Fill out the form to book your audit call.

2. Zoom Audit Call

We’ll go over your subscriber flow and your ad account to identify bottlenecks and help you get some quick wins.

Click on the link to request a call and reserve your place.
The number of spots is limited.

You don’t owe us anything.

There’s absolutely no cost to you, only your email and a bit of your time.

In return, you get a crystal-clear newsletter growth plan to get the right subscribers at a fraction of the cost.

We understand your time is precious.

But every day spent with ineffective Facebook Ads is lost revenue.

This audit is designed to be quick and impactful.

We’ll pinpoint where you’re leaking money and reveal the newsletter growth strategies you deserve.

What People Say About Us


Founder of FP Insoles

Andrew and Adsora team helped us scale back insanely fast on a new website with limited SEO with Facebook ads to thousands of dollars in ad spend per day profitably! 

Paige Knievel

CMO at Evel Knievel Brand

Our sales increased by 266% with the same budget just a WEEK after we started working with Andrew & Adsora. They are the experts at creating Facebook campaigns


Founder at Fulament

Adsora scaled our revenue from $500,000 to over a million dollars within six months using Facebook ads while also increasing our Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and Average Order Value (AOV).

David Grey

Founder OmniXRM /Core Team Partners

After working with Adsora for one month, we’ve generated 15 qualified leads and closed 2 of them already. I am confident we will now have a steady pipeline and steady revenue. Andrew and his team really got to know our business and our ICP. If you want to grow your MRR, I recommend Andrew and Adsora

Adam Katz


Andrew is easy to work with and did an excellent job of helping us with growth campaigns.

Adam Gould

Founder at PuffyGotBuffy

I highly recommend Andy for Facebook advertising. His expertise in account recovery and ad strategy it top-notch. He offers invaludable advice, ensuring successful campaings with great results. His knowledge, helpfulness, and excellent communication skills stand out. Andy is a true asset to any team.



Andy Austin delivered EXCEPTIONAL work on our mobile app marketing project, demonstrating top-notch professionalism and an incredible attention to detail. Working with him was a breeze thanks to his politeness, deep understanding of our needs, and unparalleled level of cooperation. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


CEO at Evel Knievel Toys

Andrew at Adsora was an excellent consultant to work with; he is competent and honest. We have worked with many consultants over the years, and it is always a hard sell- with promises and large consulting upfront fees- that go nowhere. I will continue to work with Andrew, thank you!


Adam Doolittle

Founder of Atlas

Working with Adsora and Andy is basically getting free money.

Our CPA decreased by 50% in just one month after working with Adsora! They were able to help me figure out the messaging that works for my audience, made recommendations to the page, and created some killer ads.

Their creative and copywriting team is unbeatable and is the best in the industry.
I would highly recommend working with Adsora and Andrew to create and manage ads for you.

How We Deliver Results

Research & Strategy

We deeply research your market to understand your ideal subscriber, their desires and what really drives them. We then use learnings to create a winning custom testing strategy.

Optimize. Test. Iterate

We use our proven testing methodology to create Facebook ad creatives, write copy, set up and manage ads. When necessary, we hire UGCs creators as well. All done-for-you.

Scale The Winners

From there we find winning Facebook Ads and scale them and focus on testing new creatives while maintaining account stability.

Here’s Everything You Get When You Start Working With Adsora Today:

✅ Facebook ads set up & ongoing-management completely done-for-you.
✅ Industry and market research.
✅ Advertising strategy done by our CMO.
✅ Weekly updates & data tracking.
✅ Ad images and videos created for your ads.
✅ Ad copy and ad scripts written for your ads.
✅ UGC videos from the best content creators done-for-you.
✅ Monthly 1-1 meetings with you or your team.
✅ Pixel and tracking set-up for you.
✅ Bonus: a complete landing page CRO audit by leading CRO experts.


Who is this for?

This is for two types of people: 
a) Newsletter operators that have been running Facebook ads for their newsletter and want to improve results
b) Newsletter operators with a content market fit that have a newsletter that generates revenue and who are ready to scale with ads…

I want to get an audit, what am I getting?

This offer really is special. Newsletter operators who took us up on this offer said it's worth over $1,000 but I recognize you might not know us yet, so I wanted to make it so valuable that you'd feel silly for NOT getting it.

How is this different than all the other stuff out there?

As a newsletter owner myself, an agency owner who helped multiple newsletters grow, and as someone who spent over 5 years growing multiple businesses with paid media, I understand exactly what needs to happen for a newsletter to grow and scale. With over half a decade of experience and over $10m ad spend behind our back and the proprietary software, we are confident we can deliver better results than any agency out there.
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